Happy New Year, or a love letter to Mr. Boo

Dear Mr. Boo,

Happy New Year!  We have had quite the year, you and I.  Life is always an adventure with a Boo Bear on the loose.  You hiked hundreds of miles, learned to swim ( thanks Alissa) became an ardent follower of the St. Kate’s basketball team, went tubing, rode all sorts of public transportation, began learning to grocery shop, and explored multiple genres of music, loudly.  You teased your sister (like a good big brother should), left muddy footprints across my newly washed floor and my heart, stayed up late (for you) learned to love sleeping in, and ate everything in sight.  The epilepsy surprised and at first scared us, but we learned to roll with the punches.  We found that cannabis is good stuff in helping prevent seizures.  Special Olympics was a fun way to make friends and win all sorts of shiny medals.  We worked hard on staying in our own lane during track meets and it paid off.  You still get excited when the school bus pulls up every morning.  Gum balls make you smile.  Having “baby shark” sung to you makes you giggle.  Your giggle makes me giggle.  Sometimes, you laugh in you sleep and I hope that your dreams are happy ones.  I hope this coming year is a joyful one for you, full of your favorite things and many new adventures.  And, through it all, I will always be your biggest fan.



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