Rhythms and Routines

Everybody likes their routines and rituals.  They are what give us a rhythm to our days.  Mr. Boo is no different.  For a long time the winter holidays were difficult for him.   There was no beloved bus, no school, and no PCAs.  He would be okay for a few days and then flounder.  This year was different.  I made certain he was on a definite sleep/wake cycle, that he got his meds on time, and that we got out of the house every day.  These things seemed to keep him sane.  A lot of the time he seemed happy to curl up on his bed with me as we both looked at our tablets.  He did not really want any verbal companionship, just a warm body to curl up with.  I was happy to comply.

School reopened on January 2.  On January 1 I went in to his bedroom to wake him up and give him his morning meds.  “Good morning Mr. Boo, it’s a brand new day and a brand new year”, I said to him. He did not bother to open an eye. “But” I continued” Tomorrow is even better.  You will get up early and the bus will come.”  With this, one blue eye opened and stared intently at me.  “The bus will come, you will get on and it will take you to see Teacher Sonia.”  Both eyes popped open, clearly wide awake.  “After school you will hang out with Jill. On Thursday and Friday you will go to school and then see Alissa.  On the weekend you will hang out with Peter.”  Mr. Boo stretched out full length on the bed, gave a lengthy yawn which he then followed with a toothy grin.  Following this he pattered into the kitchen with me, looking for food to wolf down.

I leave for work before he gets up for school, but Robert said he was awake as soon as I left.  He got him bathed and dressed in record time.  The bus pulled up and Ravi bolted out the door.  He headed left down the sidewalk at a brisk pace, realized that the bus was at the curb, did a 180 degree turn and hopped on board.  He returned with Jill, 12 hours later, tired and happy. He swallowed his meds and gratefully collapsed in his bed.  His rhythms and routines were back in place and he was a happy Boo Bear.

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