The Delights of Anticipation

Since the age of two, Boo Bear has had a love affair with the school bus.  It is bright, shiny and carries him to interesting destinations.  If you have been following our adventures this summer you may surmise that he has had a good vacation.  He got to participate in Special Olympics, went tubing, went swimming, learned to love water slides, and walked literally hundreds of miles.  But, now a bite is returning to the air and Boo Bear is ready to return to school.  His sister went back last week and his is chomping at the bit.  Tomorrow is his turn.  Periodically through today I would look at him and say ,”Boo Bear, the bus is coming.  Soon you will see Teacher Sonia.”  Boo would look back at me with the biggest grin and giggle like mad.  So, his backpack is packed.  His Ipad is recharged.  His clothes are ready for him to put them on in the morning.  He has had his bath and his evening treat.  Now, he just has to wait for morning.  Judging from the noises and pterodactyl sounds coming out of him room, he is not waiting very patiently.  But, morning will eventually come.  At 8:51 the bus will pull up in front of the house, and all will be well in the world of the Boo Bear.  Thank you Summer 2018, you were good to us.  We are now ready to fall and whatever adve

nture may await us.

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