Friday morning, the 13th (!) ,started bright and early for Team Boo Bear.  We had to be at Gillette Children’s Hospital at 7:30 for an 8:30 MRI of Boo’s brain.  I was more than a bit wound up about this.  Because Boo is so wiggly, he would have to go under a general in order for him to lie still in the MRI machine.  A few puffs of gas and he was out and then we were ushered out of the room.  Robert and I got coffee and food and retreated to the waiting room.  There, we joined a host of other parents who were doing the same thing we were, drinking bad coffee and fidgeting.  About an hour later, the procedure was over and we were allowed back to see him.  Boo came out of the anesthesia slowly, but seemed content enough, albeit sleepy.  We chatted for a while with the post op nurse(By the way, the employees at Gillette are amazing and I love them) before propping Boo into a wheelchair and rolling him out to the car.  We arrived home without incident and Robert decided to go in to work. Ten minutes after he left Boo turned into Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde.  He alternated between cackling madly and weeping hysterically.  He would leap around the room and then collapse in a quivering fetal ball.  This went on for about an hour.  Eventually, I got some food into him and he began to regulate a bit.  By the time his adored PCA, A, arrived, he was somewhat calm.  They went out to explore the world and I collapsed for a 2 hour nap.  They returned a couple hours later because Boo was still a bit tired and weepy.  He perked up with some pizza and we worked on some skills before A went home.  I gave him his meds and a bath and he was sound asleep by 8:30 pm.  Poor buddy, it must have been a confusing day.  He did not have school and spent the morning in a strange environment.  I am relieved that this procedure is over.  I will hear the results until sometime late this week.  I don’t know if the results will show why he had a seizure, or if they will show anything at all.  As scared as I was about him having an MRI, the fear of living with the unknown is even worse.  I will let folks know about the findings, if any, of the MRI in my next blog.  Thanks for reading!

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