Fourwinds Ravi’s Gypsy Rose, aka Rosie, was born into my hands on June 17, 2006.  She left this world, and the loving circle of my arms , July 22, 2018.  Twelve years, one month, five days was not nearly enough time to spend with my furry red girl.  She was my constant companion from the time she learned to climb over the top of the puppy pen and toddle after me.  She was a Canine Good Citizen.  She was Boo Bear’s loyal service dog.  She did hospice care and gave comfort to those about to pass from this mortal coil.  Robert said he had never seen an animal who was so unequivocally my dog.  She left paw prints on my heart and in my soul, nose prints on my windows, fur on my clothes, and still, even from the other side of the veil, has managed to spirit away one of my shoes.  She leaves a bereft family whom she used to boss around mercilessly.  I can only hope that she is now playing with Zuli, her mother, and Rodeo, her brother, who passed before her.  They are running free in a land where cancer and pain can never touch them.  Our lives were enriched by her very presence and we are not less for her absence.  Run free sweet girl, until we meet again.  Your loving mama.

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