Autism on the run

A few weeks ago I wrote about Boo Bear and his Special Olympics track meet.  He really enjoyed it and we were sad to see the track season end.  Shortly after, I saw an advertisement for a fun run/walk to raise money for Parkinson’s research. This is an area near and dear to my heart, so without further ado, I signed Boo Bear, myself and his wonderful PCA, A, up for the race.  With the help of our lovely followers, thank you, thank you, we raised over $300, all of which will go straight to research to help combat this horrible disease.

Race day dawned clear and warm.  We found ourselves at Harriet Island with a herd of others runner and walkers, most of which wore shirts either in honor or memorial of a person whom they loved.  The course was a simple, flat, out and back loop.  The runners took off with the gun and the walkers happily ambled along.  Boo Bear, not being in a competitive mood that day, was a happy ambler.  About 50 minutes later we reached the finish line, finishing hand in hand with smiles on our faces. Mr. Boo was happy to discover volunteers who would shower him with potato chips, water, and praise.  It was a good morning.

The run was not yet over for the weekend. The next evening we had family tickets to a Lynx game.  Boo Bear loves to watch basketball games, from professional WNBA games to pickup games at the Y.  The noise and crowds did not bother him a bit.  He happily watched the game, stimmed with his Ipad, and munched nachos.

It is easy to conclude that for Boo Bear, it is summer time and the living is easy.  He finished ESY with flying colors, and is on target or has met his goals and objectives.  Though few things make him happier than seeing the yellow school bus pull up in the morning, he is now happy to sleep in rather than get up at 7:30.  Once he is up he enjoys trips to local eateries, long walks, playing on his swing and trips to the Y.  He is a pretty easy kid to please.  Right now he is sleeping the sleep of the just. Soon he will wake up and we will begin a new day of adventures.  Thanks for following us and thank you for your donations to Parkinson’s research.

Author: snort262

I am a wife, mom, long distance runner and fierce autism advocate. My background is in education. Currently, I am a nanny, a tutor, and an autism consultant.

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