Summer 2019

Mr. Boo, it seems it was only yesterday that you stepped off the bus and began the summer leading to your senior year.  I am sorry to see this summer end.  I don’t blame you and your sister for stomping out of the room when I foolishly suggested going back to school shopping.  I don’t want this party to end, either.  The three of us have done so much this summer;, you, me and Mouse.  We have walked hundreds of miles around St. Paul, on roads and on trails.  We have tested out the swing sets at multiple parks.  We participated in our first 5km and raised money for Parkinson’s research.  You ate vast quantities of food, slept it off, and then woke up to re-raid the refrigerator.  You and your sister grew so fast!  You both tower above me and like to pat me on the head.  But, in public, you both still reach for my hands, and we walk down the sidewalk together, and unbreakable trio.  I am so blessed!  How many mamas still get to hold hands with their teens in public?  Boo and Mouse, I will always be there to hold your hands, or be your lap to sit in, even when your legs spill all over the floor.  From Mr. Boo I learned the importance of the perfect juice box, and that apple juice in a cup just will not do.  From Mouse I learned that apple juice will just not do, period.  Thank you for the tips.  Mouse, you traveled to Ireland this spring and Montana this summer.  You eagerly donned a backpack and hiked for miles in the mountains.  You kicked and punched and leaped your way into your third degree brown belt.  Though I am sorry to see summer end, I am eager to begin Kung Fu again with you in the fall.

There is so much to do now. Mr. Boo needs his senior pictures taken.  I have found the perfect spot by a waterfall at your favorite park.  Mouse, I need to buy you new clothes because you outgrew everything and take you to orientation at your new school site.  But, I am not yet ready to put these plans into action.  Summer is fleeting.  We have two more weeks.  I just want to savor this time with you.  Soon enough you will shed sandals and don backpacks.  Soon enough, we will all return to a new academic year.  But for now, I just want to soak up this time with you.  Love for now and always, Mom.

Author: snort262

I am a wife, mom, long distance runner and fierce autism advocate. My background is in education. Currently, I am a nanny, a tutor, and an autism consultant.

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