My Muse is an Introvert

Hello and happy holidays. My muse seems to have gone dormant and I think I know the reason why.  Robert, the kids and I are introverts.  We like people, but only very specific people (you know who you are) and in small quantities.  In the past month, we have entertained more than we have in the last two years.  Long story short, it has been great, but we are tired!  And, when my muse gets tired and overwhelmed, she clams up.  So, writing has been at a bare minimum.

Today we woke up to a world of black ice.  Even the buses were not running.  When metro transit closes down, you know things are serious.  I put my dogs outside and without even picking up their paws they slid from the front of the yard to the back of the yard.  Surprise! So, I am in my house, with my coffee and my muse just poked her head out of hibernation to say hi.

Boo Bear had a good Christmas.  He does not really go for presents, particularly unwrapping them, but he got a good supply of gift certificates to his favorite eateries.  These are fantastic presents because he know immediately what they are for and he can easily tell his caregivers where he wants to go eat.  Win, win.  He also did really well with friends and family invading his house at all hours.  As long as he could hang in his room with his iPad and come out for the occasional snack, he was happy.  All told, this was probably out most successful Christmas.  I am feeling good because right before Christmas I got all his papers for guardianship filled out and sent in the to the advocacy lawyer.  Now, the ball is in her court.  She will draw up the proper papers, we will meet and shortly before Boo turns 18 we will go to the judge and explain that Boo must be under our care forever, even as an adult. There are a myriad ways that Boo has matured and grown over the years, but he will always need our care and we are delighted to give it.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.  I see too many people at the gym starting out a new workout regime in January and giving up on it by February.  I don’t think resolutions really work.  So, instead of a resolution, I will send out vibes of peace and love to you all.  Thank you so much for following the adventures of Boo Bear.  You are his tribe and we love you.


Author: snort262

I am a wife, mom, long distance runner and fierce autism advocate. My background is in education. Currently, I am a nanny, a tutor, and an autism consultant.

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