Hello!  This is a public service announcement from Mr. Boo and his faithful sidekick A.  When my son is in public, please do not come up to A and ask if he has autism.  It is, really, a rather personal question.  And, Boo can hear you, deafness is not his problem.  Then, after you have established that my son is on the spectrum, please do not tell them how much you know about autism because your (choose one or more) niece, nephew, godchild, neighbor, neighbors neighbor, etc. has a child on the spectrum. This does not make you an expert! This occurred the other night at the Y while A and Boo were swimming and minding their own darn business.  A man came up and demanded to know if Boo were autistic.  A said that he was. Boo decided that the man was boring and began to swim away.  A tried to follow.  The man, not taking a hint, followed her. He talked on and on about how his nephew was autistic, what a tragedy it was and how his sister was wasting her entire life taking care of him.  At this point, Boo submerged himself to get away and A followed suit.  The man eventually got the hint and left. Ugh. All they really wanted to do was swim some laps.

Anyway, if you know something about autism, good for you.  I encourage you to learn some more.  Please do not share your knowledge with my employees and in front of my son.  It is uncomfortable for everyone involved.  Boo is funny, intelligent, compassionate and has a killer sense of direction.  He is all these things and more, and oh yes, he is autistic.  The issue at hand is not a processing error, it is a completely different operating system.  Please respect other people’s operating systems and let them swim in peace.  Rant over.  Be good people.

Author: snort262

I am a wife, mom, long distance runner and fierce autism advocate. My background is in education. Currently, I am a nanny, a tutor, and an autism consultant.

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