Super Moon? Super Boo!

So, apparently there was a super moon last night. I could not see it, as it was overcast, but Mr. Boo certainly fell under its spell.  He was up all night.  He is still up at five this morning. He is not unhappy at all, just burbling away to himself in his room, with the occasional banshee wail thrown in for good measure.  Maybe he is expressing his opinions on the teacher strike. There have been negotiations going on between the teacher union and the school board for weeks.  The strike date was set for March 10.  We went to bed last night not knowing it there would be school in the morning or not.  At 5:00 am we got a robocall from the district announcing that all classes are cancelled for the day.  This does not mess up my schedule too much, as I work from home.  I feel very badly for parents who suddenly have to find childcare at 5:00 am.  That stinks.  I am encouraging everyone to support their local teachers, whether it is joining them on the strike line, bringing by snacks and coffee, or writing the superintendent to tell him what you think.  If you are interested, his address is  Please feel free to flood his inbox.  I have already written to him.

So, what to do with the burbling Boo Bear?  He is clearly up for the day, even though the birds are not.  We need to get some groceries.  He probably would like to mall walk for a bit and get some French fries.  A trip to Como Zoo might be in order as well.  We will be fine.  If you pass teachers on the strike line, please honk and give them a thumbs up.  Teaching is hard work.  It is even harder when you don’t have the necessary supports.  Our teachers are only asking for what their students so desperately need: more mental health support and more bilingual staff in the classrooms.  Please, flood the airwaves with their needs.  Let’s bring our teachers off the picket line and back into the classrooms where they belong.

Author: snort262

I am a wife, mom, long distance runner and fierce autism advocate. My background is in education. Currently, I am a nanny, a tutor, and an autism consultant.

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