Halloween, Boo Style

Boo did not used to like Halloween. It did not make sense to him. Nothing about it added up. He knew darn well he was not supposed to knock on strangers doors and ask for candy, and masks are weird. It was not until he was about 14 that he got into it. He understood that one night a year it was okay to dress up and beg for sweets. Most 18 year old are done with Halloween, but Boo got a late start, so we still celebrate. This year, as we all know, has been a bit different. Covid has taken over everything. Even though people would be outdoors and wearing masks, I was still a bit nervous about trick or treating, so Alissa and I came up with a different plan. Our costumes were easy and to the point, we dressed up as flies, in solidarity with the fly who attended the vice presidential debate. We dressed in black and wore huge sunglasses, wings, and antennae. We did not realize how much glitter was on the wings until we got them out of the package, but it was a small price to pay. So, we had the costumes, now what about the treats? We decided Boo was just in it for the candy, so a few nights before Halloween we all dressed up and hit the streets. We carried our own candy with us. We let Boo roam around the neighborhood, antannae bobbing happily, and fed him as much chocolate as he wanted. After about 20 minutes he got cold and headed for home, happy. So, Halloween was saved. It did not matter to Boo that we celebrated a few days early. He got to dress up, hang out with his favorite people and eat candy. What more could a Boo ask for?

Today we are going to turn in his ballot. It came back to us because I had left one box unchecked. I am grateful that whoever looked at his ballot caught the error, and instead of throwing it out, mailed it back to us. So, we will trot over to our local drop off site and put the envelope in its proper place. The drop off point is very close to Taco Bell, which is Boo’s newest favorite thing, so we will probably stop off for some tacos and a slushy. After all, one must celebrate democracy.

I am more nervous (actually terrified) about this election than I want to let on to Boo. Robert and I have donated money to any down ballot Democrat we could find. I have made calls and texted for Biden and Harris. I have prayed and paced. I have voted. Robert has voted. Boo has voted. Mouse is jealous that she is still two years from being able to vote. I hope by the next time I blog about Boo I can annouce a victory in the form of blue wave. If you have not gotten out to vote, you have today and tomorow. Do not sit this one out. The time to act is now. If Boo can vote and make his voice heard, so can you, no excuses. Go cast you ballot and be good humans. Peace.

Author: snort262

I am a wife, mom, long distance runner and fierce autism advocate. My background is in education. Currently, I am a nanny, a tutor, and an autism consultant.

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