Happy March, y’all. I was checking bank balances yesterday and realized that Mr. Boo had gotten his monthly payment from SSI. That would buy a lot of tacos, I mused to myself. About that time Alissa showed up. I told her that Boo had told me (through his device) that he wanted to go to Taco Bell and he wanted a Strawberry Freeze (his newest love) and a cheese quesadilla. “There is money in the account”, I told her, “Go buy lots of tacos!” Boo headed out the door for her car and they vanished into the night. Fifteen minutes later they were back, with the aforementioned foods and a very hungry Boo Bear. “I owe you $20” said Alissa. “Why?” I asked. She said that while they were waiting in line at the Taco Bell drive through a man came up to her car and knocked on the window. She put on her mask and rolled down the window and asked him what he wanted. He said that his name was Sean, he was staying with his family at the Days Inn and he was short $11, could she help him. Without pausing a beat, Alissa passed him $20. He then mentioned he had children back at the motel and nothing to feed them for dinner. Alissa told him to meet her at the drive through window and she would order for all of them. So, she bought dinner for Boo, herself, Sean, and his family. She handed Sean the bag and he headed out and she came home. “I did not want want you to see the receipt and wonder where the money went so I will pay you for Sean’s dinner.” “No way”, I said. “I am happy about what you did. You did the exact right thing. There was money in the account and he was hungry.” “Do you believe in serendipity”, she asked me. “Absolutely”, I said. ” I told you to buy lots of tacos and threw that thought out into the universe. Sean heard that thought and went to Taco Bell. He met you and you and Boo Bear fed him dinner. That is how good energy works in the universe and we keep paying it forward.” At this point Boo had totally lost interest in our discussion and was digging into his meal with gusto.

This conversation will stay with me a while. I do believe in serendipity, angels in disguise, good karma, the works. The energy started when the government put money in Boo’s account. I released that energy when I told Alissa to buy lots of tacos. Sean heard that energy coming and headed for Taco Bell. Alissa caught the energy and fed Sean and his family. So, lots of tacos were eaten and life was good. Peace y’all, be good humans.

Author: snort262

I am a wife, mom, long distance runner and fierce autism advocate. My background is in education. Currently, I am a nanny, a tutor, and an autism consultant.

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