Sam is back, life is good!

As many of you know, Boo Bear uses a communication device to speak. For some reason I have dubbed his Nova Chat as Sam. Sam goes everywhere with Boo and lets him tell the world exactly what he is thinking. Two weeks ago I went to get Sam off his charger and he was flashing a strange blue light. Apparently, he thought he had been hacked and refused to turn on or reboot. I called Heather, our local representative, but she said this was beyond her scope and to call Saltillo, the Nova Chat company. They were unable to do anything over the phone but said to send it back to the company, they would put a rush on it and have it back in Boo’s hands asap. Thus began a very long two weeks. I have to hand it to Boo, he was a trooper. He made do with his old device, which is crude and clunky and soldiered on through. But, it was rough.

Thursday, September 9 was his first day of school. He was so happy to get on the bus, but we still did not have Sam. Then, I received a notice from Fed Ex that they had tried to deliver the package but no one was home. Hmm, Robert was working in the living room all morning, he would have heard them. They made no attempt to deliver the package at all. I spent a fraught day trying to track down Sam. The local office could not help. I did learn that Fed Ex drivers are independent contractors and notoriously unreliable. I also learned it is impossible to get Fed Ex to answer the phone. Trust me, I spent hours. The only good part of the day was that Boo was happy to be in school and I figured out how to finally get his overdue meds from the pharmacy. That was another cluster, but one I could solve with a few well placed phone calls.

Friday morning I put Boo on the bus and went for a run. When I returned I had a text from Fed Ex saying the package was at the local store. I bolted over there and picked it up. Sam was home! Sadly, he was not charged and had not retained the settings I had put in, but no matter. I gave him an hour to charge and then took him over to school to give to Boo.

Normally at the end of the day, his teacher puts Sam in Boo’s backpack so he won’t accidentally leave him on the bus. Today was different. The bus pulled up out front and there was a long pause as I waited to Boo to get off. He finally appeared at the top of the stairs, clutching Sam with a death grip. He refused to look up at me or down at his feet on the stairs. Somehow or other I got him off the bus and into the house, still clutching Sam. He then proceeded to chat nonstop for the the next half an hour. Eventually he would lend me Sam for brief intervals so I could put his data back in the system. Later on, Robert and I coaxed him out for a walk so I could charge Sam some more. Boo continued to commune with Sam for the rest of the night, even bypassing his favorite treat of Pizza Luce. He went to bed tired and happy around ten. It is now 9:30 the next morning and he is still deeply asleep. Sam is fully charged and ready to face the day. So, all a two day period, Boo got Sam back, got to ride the bus, and got to go to school. A banner 48 hours!

On this day of 9/11, the twentieth anniversary of one of the worst days in our nations history, I pause to reflect. Boo was not even conceived when the Twin Towers fell, neither was his sister. 9/11 is something they learn about in history class. Our last soldier has just left Afghanistan. It has been a long twenty years. I reflect on what I have lost and what I have gained in the last two decades and I pray for peace and unity among my fellow humans. Let us do unto others as we would have done unto ourselves. Peace, y’all, and be good humans.

Author: snort262

I am a wife, mom, long distance runner and fierce autism advocate. My background is in education. Currently, I am a nanny, a tutor, and an autism consultant.

One thought on “Sam is back, life is good!”

  1. Life brings us wisdom eventually as love. I am made better today by your example and privileged to remain neighbors always since before Boo.


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