Mr. Boo has a sad. Sam, his trusty AAC, is back in the shop for repairs. A loaner AAC has yet to be sent to us. The company promised one in 5 working days. I asked them to put a rush on the order as Boo is mute and miserable. They said they would do our best. Today is day 6 without Sam, and he is doing okay, but can’t really communicate.

Thursday, we met with his wonderful neurologist, Dr. Feyma. He agreed the Topomax was not doing Boo any favors and gave us some different options for alternative anti epilepsy meds. We started one of those meds last night. So far, so good. We also discovered that Boo has a mild case of scoliosis. We are doing a sedated MRI to look for more details in September. Right now, there is no reason to get in touch with orthopedics.

Boo got off the bus yesterday without his glasses. Great, now the poor kid can’t communicate or see straight. I sent emails to his bus aid and teacher hoping to track down the glasses. He does have a backup pair, but he does not like to use them. If we are really lucky, both the glasses and the loaner AAC will show up today. He has been a terrific sport about the whole thing, but it must be hard not being able to see clearly or to communicate. So, if you see Boo, or anyone else out who is having a tough day, give them a smile and some grace. Everyone is fighting some sort of battle. Please be kind.

Author: snort262

I am a wife, mom, long distance runner and fierce autism advocate. My background is in education. Currently, I am a nanny, a tutor, and an autism consultant.

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