Our world has turned upside down in the past three weeks. On December 8, Robert and I noticed a lump on Ravi’s left shoulder. Fast forward a day, we found out it was a tumor. Suddenly, we were in line for a biopsy and PET scan. In short, he has osteosarcoma, which has spread to his spine and his lungs. We started an aggressive chemotherapy regime this last Tuesday. He and I were in the hospital for three days while he got a port, started chemo, and had lots of anti-nausea meds and electrolytes pumped into him. We were released yesterday morning. Both he and I are enjoying sleeping in our own beds without any incessant beeping noises in the background or having vitals checked every few hours. Mostly, he just wants to sleep. He did eat some last night and we got meds into him. This morning has been really hard. I got an anti-nausea pill under his tongue and a few syringes full of Gatorade down his throat. I still need to get the rest of his daily meds and his pain killers into him. I know if we can get on top of the hydration, he will feel better. I am really hoping we do not have to go back into the hospital to rehydrate him.

What does life look like from here? Good question. He had his first round of chemo. Now he has two weeks at home to rest, going in for labs twice a week. On January 16, we check into the hospital for at least 72 hours for his next round of chemo. We will do that for three weeks, then have two more weeks at home. This will continue probably until March, when his surgeon removes the tumor from his humerus. He will be on rounds of chemotherapy for nine to twelve months. His oncology team has said he may go to school whenever he feels up to it, and as soon as his port heals, he can begin taking his beloved baths again. I am trying to retain any sort of normalcy I can for him. I am asking if anyone is to come by the house, please wear a mask, wash your hands, and if you have any cold symptoms, come back another time when you are healthy. We love visitors, but not germs!

Robert has been amazing. While I have been in the hospital with Boo, he has been taking care of things on the home front, running errands, bringing me food, and just being a constant source of reassurance. Mouse and Eliyah are at home and taking care of the animals. Mouse is loving their studies at OSU and had a good first semester. Though I miss them when they are gone, they are having a great time at college. I am curious to see what adventures they get up to this spring.

Through all of this, Boo has been a trooper. He has not cried or complained. I have yet to see him smile today, but he was smiling and cooperating through some hospital procedures that would have brought most adults to their knees. He reminds you to be good humans. We happily solicit and accept all good vibes, prayers, white light, or whatever you have to send our way. Positive energy is always welcome. We wish you the best in the New Year and we will be in touch as we are able.

Author: snort262

I am a wife, mom, long distance runner and fierce autism advocate. My background is in education. Currently, I am a nanny, a tutor, and an autism consultant.

4 thoughts on “Curveballs”

  1. Oh Harriet my Sweet. I’m just seeing this for the first time. I am sending every positive thought, vibe, and (((warm hug))) to Ravi, you and his entire family. Your strength, love, and positive support WILL GET HIM THROUGH THIS✨✨✨🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️☮️☮️.


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