Gloria takes the helm

Hello there!  This is Gloria and I am 10 pounds of Australian Shepherd spunk and fluff.  Usually, this is mom’s website, but she is busy with coffee and Boo Bear, so I took over.  Please excuse the lack of dew claws. Mom adopted me when I was 8 weeks old and only 4 pounds.  Even then, I had very strong opinions on things.  There are two big dogs in the house, Stevie and Max.  Something is wrong with Stevie’s eyes, and he tends to run into things, but he is lots of fun to play with.  Max likes to lie in his crate, or as mom calls it his “man cave”.  When he is not out running with Mom he takes lots of naps. Mom says he is older and I must be respectful of his wants for privacy.  I think he is a big grump and try to steal his treats.  There are four humans in my house: Mom, Dad, Mouse, and Boo Bear.  Mouse loved me from the start, but when Mom brought me home Boo Bear cried.  He was afraid that Mom would love me more than him.  Mom assured him that this was not the case and I gave him lots of kisses. He tasted salty!  Now Boo Bear and I are friends.  He lets me sit in his lap and does not seem to care if I steal his food. Mom says this is not good, but I think he just likes to share with me!  I jump on his bed every morning to help wake him up and we have a quick snuggle.  After Mom gets him up and dressed we put him on the bus. It is big and yellow and sometimes the aides get off the bus to say hi to me!  There was once another doggie in the house and her name was Rosie.  Mama says she went over the Rainbow Bridge two summers ago.  She was Boo Bear’s service dog and took very good care of him.  I don’t know if I will be a service dog or not when I grow up.  I am only four months old and have a lot of growing and learning to do.  Right now I know my basic commands.  I know sit, down, come and here.  I love to play fetch.  If I don’t feel like coming in the back door I scoot under the fence and run around to the front door. This way, I don’t get trampled by the big dogs.  Mom says I am a scamp, but she always give me biscuits when I come right away.  I like this house and I like helping Mom take care of Boo Bear.  He is lots of fun and he has a great laugh.  He does not talk like most humans seem to, but he is very expressive.  He also uses sign and an iPad to help him communicate.  I told him he should bark early, often and loudly to get what he wants, but I have yet to hear him bark. Maybe his barker is broken, I don’t know.  It is time for me to go harass Stevie, so I will sign off now.  Talk to you later, Gloria.

Author: snort262

I am a wife, mom, long distance runner and fierce autism advocate. My background is in education. Currently, I am a nanny, a tutor, and an autism consultant.

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