The Curious Incident of the Dog on the Porch

Hi all!  Boo Bear here.  Yesterday was weird.  First of all, Stevie (on of our dogs) had a seizure. He has not had one in over four years, so this really surprised mommy.  He seemed fine after it, just a bit more dopey than usual.  Gloria was very upset by it and Max ran away and hid.  After mommy got all the dogs calmed down there was a scratching noise at the door.  Mommy went to the door and there was a black and white pit bull mix sitting there.  Mommy opened the door and the dog ran in and jumped on our couch!  She was very friendly, clean, well fed, but had no tags or collar.  At this point I decided to stay in my room because four dogs in one small house is a bit much!  Mommy took the dog’s picture and put it up on social media. Then, she put the dog on a leash and walked all over the neighborhood, hoping the dog could tell her where she lived. No luck. Mommy and that dog walked and walked, but they could not find anyone looking for a dog and the dog could not find her home.  Back at home, Mommy decided to call the vet to see if they could scan the dog for a microchip. Turns out, they could!  So, the dog, whom we were calling Foreigner, and mommy went to the vet. The vet tech scanned her and it turns out the dog’s name is Pippa and she lives one block over.  The vet tech called Pippa’s daddy who was very happy to hear the news and came right over and picked up his dog. It was a good reunion.  Mommy came home and now there were only three dogs in the house.  Honestly, I think that is enough.  The hedgehogs don’t really bother me because they sleep all day.  Gloria, on the other hand, tries to steal my snacks.  Sometimes, she distracts me by giving kisses and then steals the snack!  She is sneaky!  Anyway, after all that excitement I went off with Peter for the afternoon and had some lovely adventures.  He put some new pictures on my iPad that make it easier for me to communicate.  Mommy is now talking about getting a lawyer for help with guardianship issues.  This means that when I turn 18, I am going to be with mommy and daddy forever!  It also means that I graduate this May and then go to the transition school next door.  These are all really big changes, but I am a Boo Bear and I prefer to live in the moment.  After all, there might be treats involved.  Take care and be good humans.  Ta-ta.

Author: snort262

I am a wife, mom, long distance runner and fierce autism advocate. My background is in education. Currently, I am a nanny, a tutor, and an autism consultant.

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